Ten rules your kid will never learn in school

It is often presumed that a child learns every single lesson of his life but the lessons that a child learns outside the school remains with him till he lives. These are some of the rules that you as a child will never learn in your school. Here are a few!

Don’t Give up if life takes away what you wanted

The rule of not getting disheartened at failures is what differentiates between an ordinary person and a successful one. You must direct your anger and frustration towards securing a life you always wanted instead of blaming your luck.

There is no need to show off the world what you are going to be in future

“People may doubt what you say, but will never doubt what you become”. So instead of falling into the trap of narcissistic broadcasting, you must keep your goals secret till you achieve them.

Be Realistic

Chances are high that when you are dreaming of something, someone is working on it. So it’s better to stop dreaming and start acting. It must be noted that entertainment is necessary but not compulsory, all that is compulsory is a good life.

Have a sense of productiveness

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. So it is extremely important to be proactive. Take more actions and wait for less.

There is no secret to luck

Luck favors the brave and there is no secret to it. It’s all about grabbing the opportunities as they come in your way and making the most out of them.

Be patient and learn to tolerate scolding for your mistakes

Once you start working, there will be no one to scold you for your faults instead you’ll be fired. So it’ important to be patient and correcting mistakes till you have an opportunity to do so.

Grow slow! Be big!

Rome was not built in a day nor will your future be built overnight. You must learn to work hard towards achieving your goals rather than trying to find the shortcuts to something.

Note down every mistake and learn to correct them.

You get better by facing your mistakes and not by throwing stones at others. Nobody is born perfect, so have the courage to accept your mistakes and strive not to repeat them.

Your parents were not boring

Before you were born your parents were entirely different, they became so by paying your bills all these years, so have gratitude towards them before you term them as boring.

These ten rules are never taught in the school but are perhaps these lessons of life are more important than the lessons of the books.


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