T Series creeps closer to PewDiePie In Sub Count

The You Tube war between Swedish You Tuber PewDiePie has been going on for months now.
It now seems that the giant is about to topple and lose his throne as the subscriber difference between PewDiePie and T-Series becomes the most subscribed channel on You Tube.

PewDiePie has enjoyed the status of the most subbed channel for the last 6 years. PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Kjellberg who rose into prominence as one of the earliest big names in the world of live stream gaming on You Tube that made the fortunes of many.

But in a twist of events, it is but gaming that might bring his fall. The fight was pretty strong between PewDie Pie and the Indian Music Label giant till a few days back he made the mistake of streaming himself live on the online gaming giant Roblox that led to his getting banned by Roblox. It seems he can’t come back from this blow in spite of worldwide campaigns by his fans, followers and fellow You Tubers that has been going on for months and has seen a number of innovative approaches.

In January 2019, both the YouTube channels crossed the major milestone of passing 80 million-subscribers number

The online war led his millions of followers personally see to it that he remains the  king of You Tube.
There were massive online campaigns to get more subscribers.
Some managed to hack worldwide printers that would print the campaign tagline ” Subscribe PewDiePie “.
The same was done on Google Chromecasts,smart TVs and even the Wall Street Journal was defaced.

This led to PewDiePie engage in charity activities for Indian Organisations, most prominently C.R.Y, perhaps as a PR exercise.

T- Series is the music label that was formed in the 1980’s by Music Mogul Gulshan Kumar and has now become the umbrella body of hundreds of artistes, film records and music videos. It often faces allegation of hand twisting of artistes as any corporation would but continues to make headway in this virtual war with only the large Indian fanbase doing the needful.

The irony is that You Tube is a content based platform and it is but individual content creators like Felix who should reign supreme.





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