Mamma Mia

Cat videos might be the norm of the nation when it comes to You Tube,but rarely does come up a viral video like the one in which you get to witness the marvels of nature and nurture together.
Allison Sipes, a fitness instruction and pole dancer from Florida, USA didn’t stop her favourite activity even during her pregnancy.
Sipes told Indian Express that she is 38 weeks pregnant and has been pole-dancing for the last 13 years. Sipes said she was careful only to perform tricks which she had mastered and not anything else that could put pressure on her belly.
Sipes believes that except for highly strenuous extreme sports like skiing or scuba diving, one can continue their exercises through pregnancy as well.
Stipes maintains that though the going gets tough after the four month mark,Pole dancing has been business as usual for her and she sees no reason why it should stop anyone from pursuing their passion with full vigour.


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