Did Suhana Khan deserve to be on the Vogue Cover:Twitterati cries foul

Vogue India is facing a lot of backlash for featuring the star-kid who apparently doesn’t have any credible achievements to her name, to be featured on the cover. The magazine was also called out for promoting  nepotism and giving chance to Suhana to feature on its cover, without the her having done anything substantial and earning a name for herself.

The August issue of the magazine was launched by SRK himself at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018, which features his daughter Suhana. While many lauded Suhana’s confident debut on the cover, there were others who questioned the team for choosing her as the cover girl.

Eyebrows were raised and reasons were sought from the magazine team’s end for choosing the 18-year old as the cover star.

But it looks like Suhana was aware that a hue and cry will be created and such criticism was going to come her way sooner or later.

In her first ever interview with Vogue India, the young girl had said, “I keep telling myself that haters are going to hate, but I can’t honestly say that I don’t get upset by it. It’s annoying, but I keep telling myself other people have bigger problems.”

Even though Suhana’s Instagram handle is private and the comment section on her pictures on the Vogue India Instagram page has been blocked, the damsel is receiving hate messages on Twitter.

Not only is the nepotism debate catching fire once again, but Suhana’s above statement has also become a reason for her being trolled.


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