Located in the northeastern state of Meghalaya the Mawlynnong village is renowned as the cleanest village of Asia.  Also known as God’s own garden, Mawlynnong was accorded the crown of the cleanest village in 2003 by Discover India magazine. Cleanliness is the way of life of the people of this village. There are bamboo dustbins all over the village and it is ensured that even the dry leaves falling from the trees go to the dustbins.  Keeping the premise tidy is a strictly followed ritual and anyone who is found defaulting is fined. Smoking is prohibited and use of plastic is banned all across the village.

The village has a population of over 600 members of the Khashi tribes, the children here get mother’s surnames and the wealth is passed from mother to the youngest daughter of the family.The progressive attitude of the people has paved way for the inhabitants towards cleanliness drives. Long before the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, the villagers had started practising the cleanliness conduct. The village has its own compost pit where the garbage is processed as manure. The village has also banned open defecation and each and every house of the village has a toilet.

The village has been blessed by natural beauty, the greenery all around the village with waterfalls paving the way to small streams makes the village a piece of Natural beauty. But more importantly, the villagers have been successful in keeping the beauty of the village undamaged. The onus of cleanliness lies with every person residing in the village. It’s very common to spot the locals picking the garbage and throwing it in the dustbins. Surprisingly the village has hundred percent literacy rate and almost everyone in the village is fluent in English. The awareness among the villagers has made it possible to maintain cleanliness on such a large scale.

The village has plenty of lessons to offer to the rest of India and the World. Being in a country where garbage on the roads and public places are a common sight, Mawlynnong has set an example for the rest of the country to get determined for the cause of cleanliness. The village has proved that all it takes to make your surroundings clean is an honest attempt coupled with unbreakable determination and vision. The village also highlights the importance of collective efforts for the cause of sanitation and cleanliness.


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