Apple assigns ‘human editors’ to tackle fake news

Apple assigns ‘human editors’ to tackle fake news

Apple assigns ‘human editors’ to tackle fake news

Apple has decided to take the charge on itself to present reliable news to its readers ahead of the mid-term elections.

Apple News app has been added with a new section that will highlight stories which will be curated by human editors and will be well-sourced and fact-based, Mashable reported. Even as the industry is moving towards a smarter, AI-based way of curating stories, Apple is sticking to the good old way but one which is sure to counter Facebook’s News app in a reliable way.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the 2019 will bring ‘high-end’ AirPods, a new HomePod and an over-ear headset by the Apple brand. The iPod was an iconic device for music lovers, selling 390 million units by 2014, making it the fastest-selling music player in history. Now, over a decade later, it looks as though Apple’s focus is back on bringing sound to its fans, this time through headphones.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple will not only enhance the current AirPods later this year but may even introduce a ‘high-end’ version, along with an ‘audiophile grade’ over-ear headset. These new accessories could arrive as early as 2019 according to the people familiar with the matter.

The ‘high-end’ or pro version of the AirPods could come with noise cancellation, a feature not not yet mastered by those making truly wireless earphones. Bose’s SoundSport Free and Sony’s WF-1000X claim to be noise-isolating, however a canceling feature would likely be even more useful to users who travel frequently by plane. The AirPods will also be water resistant, Bloomberg’s sources said — not ‘jump into a pool’ waterproof, but rather rain and perspiration safe. Speaking of working up a sweat, there are also internal discussions about adding biometric sensors, like a heart-rate monitor, which would be a very handy feature when going for a jog.


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