What Do Girls Like in Guys?

It is very hard to find the things actually a girl really like in boys. But here we have sorted out few things that really can help you to understand what a girl looks for in a guy. There are a few things all girls like and a few things all girls hate in a guy. Each girl may have her own views about this, but here are a few traits that can give you the high and the low with girls and what they want in a guy. Find out what matters and what doesn’t when you’re trying to impress a girl.
What really draws girls to a guy isn’t just about the way he behaves around a girl. What matters is how he is as a person.

Fifteen qualities that girls like in guys

1. Confidence

2. Sense of humor


3. Intelligence

4. Support, 5. Sensitivity, 6. Self-worth, 7. Focused goals

8. Great imagination, 9. Independent streak,

10. Passionate and desirous, 11. Bravery and courage

12. Compassion, 13. Decisiveness, 14. Dignity and self respect

15. Sense of integrity

Fifteen qualities that girls don’t like in guys

1. Lack of self-esteem, 2. Laziness, 3. Lack of humor

4. Lack of confidence, 5. Lack of goals,

6. Lack of understanding, 7. Negetivity, 8. Self-centered

behavior, 9. Extreme jealousy, 10. Insecurity,

11. Smothering dependence, 12. Self pity

13. Lack of trust

14. No ambition

15. Lack of tenderness

You may have a lot of these qualities already, and you may have a few qualities that put girls off too. You don’t need a story or a fable to explain what girls like in guys. These points are simple and clear. It doesn’t really take money or extravagant gifts to make a girl like you. All it takes are these little things, and that makes the difference between a great guy who’s desired by girls and envied by other guys.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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