Timberlake’s Viral Meme ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Gets Even More Special

Of all the dates that hold an important significance in pop-culture, 30 April perhaps is the most important. Every year, this day marks the historic ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ day.

It all started with the 2000 pop hit single “It’s Gonna Be Me”, performed by renowned American boy band *NSYNC. In the chorus of the song, erstwhile band member and lead vocalist Justin Timberlake is seen mouthing ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ instead of ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’. That did it.

Ever since the iconic moment, internet junkies and pop-culture nerds celebrate 30 April as the viral #ItsGonnaBeMay day, as it is followed by the beginning of the month of May.
Fans of *NSYNC and people all over the internet have joyfully celebrated 30 April as #ItsGonnaBeMay day, by tuning to their favourite songs by the boy band, and of course, by creating memes.

To add to the delight of *NSYNC fans worldwide, it was announced that the band will be receiving their very own star on the popular Californian landmark, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on (drum roll please) 30 April!

As expected, the news brought thousands of people to rush to the site of the unveiling and to celebrate the band’s achievement.

A report from Variety stated that it was former band member Lance Bass, who requested the date to be pushed by a month as he thought it would be funny and something the fans would appreciate.

Timberlake and Bass thanked the fans for their support and the committee for honouring the band with the prestigious recognition, via their Twitter handles.


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