The legacy of ‘Jaws’

there hasn’t been a shark movie since Jaws in 1975 that hasn’t in some way cribbed from the Steven Spielberg masterpiece. Several by-now familiar shark movie tropes can be found in The Meg trailers, including a dog in danger and the ubiquitous shot of underwater swimmers, tasty legs dangling down, just begging to be chomped.
Two new trailers for shark movie The Meg feature shots that look familiar.
One of the goofiest moments in Jaws is when the shark leaps from the water on to the boat. It’s where the practical special effects wear thinnest. But it also sets up one of the most gruesome and disturbing deaths in shark movie history.
The Meg trailer also features its shark leaping out of the ocean to crush a boat with its body. The composition is nearly identical, with a one-two shot combo of the shark, its mouth open, rising from the water, followed by its full-commitment leap, soaring over the gunwale.
Though The Meg takes some clear inspiration from Jaws, the trailer exemplifies even more where the two movies differ. The Meg doesn’t shy away from showing off its shark, putting in more in the bombastic shark movie tradition of Sharknado and Deep Blue Sea.
The Meg comes out in theaters Aug. 10.


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