[SVA2018] Arya Vidya Mandir Primary School

This year by an unexampled event UDEAS introduced the Saraswati Puja in a different way. They had taken the responsibility to find out the future talents and possibilities who are going to nurture the puja culture in Bengal in coming days. Saraswati Vandana Award 2018 which was presented by Bhagwati Biscuits, was such an event, organized by UDEAS, who are very famous for this kind of events.

Arya Vidya Mandir Primary School had impressed the judges by their Sarasawati Aradhana. A primary school in far south of the city didn’t mind their limited campus to portray the eternal and infinite bliss by their theme’Vidyar Alote Mukto Hok Ajnanatar Octopuser Bandhan'(Let the Knowledge free us from the Octopus bondage of illiteracy).

It was a very creative attempt by the junior representatives of our education system. Keshab Mukherjee, the Head Master of the school along with his fellow teachers and students won our hearts with their hospitality.

They are the second runner-up in the award category.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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