Special drive by “Society for Welfare of Children (SFWOC)” for creating brighter and beautiful society at large in future.

Special drive by “Society for Welfare of Children (SFWOC)” for creating brighter and beautiful society at large in future.

Special drive by “Society for Welfare of Children (SFWOC)” for creating brighter and beautiful society at large in future.

Healthy and beautiful children are the wish of every parents. As soon as a lady conceives, she as a would be mother dreams a lot about her child. Each and every mother wishes to give birth to a child who is normal and healthy. Development of every child slowly and slowly takes place right from birth. However, for every child this development takes place at different pace, which is generally considered as normal.

But is it actually so- normal? Is there any deficiency of that child in physical or mental development? It may not be possible always for any common person to really understand this deficiency. SFWOC has taken the giant step to understand this abnormal phenomenon and decide on the right type of treatment needed.

The foundation of this society was laid in the year 2001. Sri Ashim Das (Ashimananda Maharaj) and Sri Amal Bhattacherjee are the founder secretary and treasurer respectively. The present Governing body of SFWOC comprises of –

  • Nilanjana Sanyal           – President
  • Major General S.N.Mukherjee           –  Vice President
  • A.K. Chatterjee           –  Vice President
  • Sri Ashim Kumar Das              –  Secretary
  • Sri Amal Bhattacharya           –  Treasurer
  • Sreelata Ghoshchowdhury –  Member
  • Monideepa Banerjee –  Member
  • Mousumi Chakraborty –  Member
  • Anindita Mazumdar –  Member


The main aim and objective of this Society is to take care of the children during their development stage, especially those who have got a setback due to certain deficiencies, through early diagnosis and treatment. The development of a child commences from the womb of mother, substantial development of the brain takes place there and within the first 5 years after birth. However the same is not always visualized then and even after birth.  SFWOC through various awareness programmes tries to spread this knowledge so that a would be mother and others can take all precautions.

The Society’s main aims and objectives are to take care of differently able persons, their mother by rehabilitating them physically and economically through vocational training. Special focus being towards the remote rural undeveloped areas where science and technology is yet to reach. SFWOC trying their best with various ways and means to give this awareness to the society at large, so that would be mothers as soon as they conceive and other guardians take all precautions. SFWOC has been organizing free health check up camps with renowned doctors, Psychologists and teachers from time to time in remote areas where latest technology is yet to reach.

Omkar Child Development Centre an unit of SFWOC has started functioning during last five years at BB – 1,  (GF) Sector – 1, Salt- Lake, Kolkata – 64. During this period more than 470 children have been provided extremely high standard of treatment by highly qualified and  internationally trained Child Developmental pediatrician, Physio, Vision, Occupational , Speech, Play & Psycho therapists. Also facilities of family counseling, IQ/EQ , personality test exists. To rehabilitate destitute women, physically & mentally challenged persons, SFWOC is running Omkar Bikash Centre. Here such persons are trained to develop self confidence to be independent & economically take care of themselves.

Society For Welfare Of Children (SFWOC), in their futuristic plan going to have Advanced Medical Sciences & Disability research centre. For this mega project Govt. of West Bengal has allotted 1.06 acres of land for construction of 270 bedded hospital which stands approved. To look after such special children a team of dedicated specialist highly qualified & professionally experienced will be available round the clock. The Society is committed to give free treatment to three percent beneficiaries and charge 50% to seven percent of the beneficiaries who are Below the Poverty Level (BPL).

The Society For Welfare of Children (SFWOC) is dedicated & totally committed for the welfare of children & requests society at large to spread this awareness. If all remain alert and take precautions at the right times then the society & the world will remain fulfilled with good health & happiness. Our future will become much more brighter and livable.


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