Social Media Addiction: 5 Troubling Signs

1. You Constantly Feel You Are Not Living “The Life”
A 2014 study published in the Psychology Reports: Disability & Trauma journal examined brain function of certain people on social media and found that they responded to notifications faster than they would to a traffic signal.
That’s the impact social media has on us.
2. When FOMO is Out of Control
FOMO is the bane of millenial existence.
If a random check-in by a group of friends can make one jittery for being left out, then one seriously needs to reconsider the time spend on social media. Being overwhelmed by the fear of missing out – be it get-togethers, parties, trips or anything for that matter – will only do more harm than good.
At times, ignorance is bliss for both your mental and physical being. You can’t be present at all places at all times and that doesn’t makes one any less happening.
3. Is Facebook Your BFF, Insta a Safe Haven, and iPhone Your Bae?
Facebook,Instagram and othe social media platfoms have replaced real life interactions.
Gone are the days when we craved the company of friends to share good news. Now, all we do is post a status online. The real is traded for virtual and intimacy has spilled out of close quarters into the deep, dark world online.
Millennials increasingly find themselves glued to their phones so much that it is the first thing they wake up to and the last thing they hold on to before retiring for the day. Think about this: can digital connections substitute real ones? Besides, excess of social media can leave you thoroughly depressed.
And this isn’t just hearsay. A study conducted by University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine recently concluded that –
The more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed.
4.Social Awkwardness!
If one identifies self as a socially awkward person and still finds themselves projecting an altogether different picture online,one might be in for trouble.
Abdication is not necessary,but control is.
5. When Private Becomes Public
Taking selfies all the time is not cool.
The world doesn’t need to know if someone is feeling loved, angry or excited.
Incessantly updating one’s whereabouts on social media,taking selfies everywhere – from restaurants to the loo – and posting them on Facebook is not cool. Every random get-together, birthday party and wedding celebration need not make it to social media.
People need to stop chasing validation on all fronts.


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