Sikh Community Comes out in Aid of Affected At Christchurch

Sikh Community Comes out in Aid of Affected At Christchurch

Sikh Community Comes out in Aid of Affected At Christchurch

The unprecedented attack at two mosques at Christchurch in the apparently haven of peace New Zealand has left 49 dead and the country reeling from a heinous attack that New Zealand has never seen. Unlike her counterparts in a country like Unites States, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced in her condolence speech that the nation is now to see a definitive change in its Gun laws; in addition she pleads with the community to stand united against “Anti- muslim hatred”.

The Sikh community has always been the first to come out in solidarity i any big mishap and so was the case for Christchurch too. Guru Nanak Community kitchen , an NGO based in Auckland asked for people to come volunteer to help transport the families of the affected to the cemetery and also
set up a langar – a community kitchen to feed those who are attending the funerals.

The Sikhs by and large, never discriminates amongst religions- trying to serve – “sewa” in the guidance of the original tenets of Guru Nanak and the Auckland based group which runs purely on volunteer also received heartfelt wishes and gratitude for their services in the aftermath of the attack at the Al Noor and Linwood Mosque.

The  Facebook post after the initiatives read as such:

“We appreciate the outpouring of messages and offers to help with seva coming through in support of our brothers and sisters in Christchurch. Our various communities and groups truly embody the compassion and love that will need to prevail to heal the wounds of yesterday’s attacks.
Please feel free to connect us with other organisations or individuals that are seeking to provide support to those on the ground in Christchurch.
We stand with our fallen & fighting – kia kaha Ōtautahi.”

The world has come out in support and solidarity of New Zealand after this new in a line of White Supremacist attacks in multicultural nations with open borders.


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