We live in a technology prone world with a huge market and endless opportunities. All we need to do is make the best use of these opportunities. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways for the beginners to make a strong and effective entry into the business with the help of technology.

The basic objective of search engine optimization is to promote your website, business or web page in order to get the highest visibility on a web search engine and to help the people who are searching for you find you. It includes two types of elements that are the technical and creative elements.


One can do this with the help of various apps. The basic strategy behind this is to not just find the popular words but also the rare ones. The popular words increase the frequency of audience whereas the rare words make the content more attractive creating a strong impact at first sight. One thing that the beginner must remember is that the words must be closely relevant to the content.

The second step is CREATIVITY

Creativity is a significant part of the promotion. People are attracted to things that are catchy to the eyes. This includes several factors such as the titles which must be catchy as it makes the first impression. The text must be qualitative and shouldn’t seem boring to the visitors.

The third step is NAMING AND CODING

Search engines start by reading the codes of our websites so Here comes the basic important factor which is usually neglected, that is the URL. The URL is one of the most significant parts of SEO. It must be simple and short. Less cluttered URL’s are easy to search and even easy to read by the search engines which make them easily accessible to the users. The codes include a few essential factors such as title tags, headings, site structure, sitemaps, alt tags etc.

The final step is LINKS

Links help to check the credibility of your website. The number of links that are attached to your website, the more it appears to be trustworthy and gets a higher rank. Do not attach links to irrelevant or messy sites. Also one must try to avoid side wide and reciprocal links. One can also find the best links by searching for the relevant keywords and using them in the links.


Nothing pays off better than hard work. So one must focus on all the points mentioned about to create the best website. That’s the main aim of search engines to find peoples requirements and make the best websites available for them. Search engine optimization can sometimes be irritating and frustrating but it helps significantly in building a firm foundation for startup.


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