RSS asks BJP to makeover its ‘Anti-Dalit’ image

RSS asks BJP to makeover its ‘Anti-Dalit’ image

RSS asks BJP to makeover its ‘Anti-Dalit’ image

The RSS has conveyed to the BJP that it needs to counter the ‘propaganda’ that the party is against the Dalits, and has emphasized the need to alleviate the condition of the farmers. The RSS conveyed this to the BJP top brass during the Surajkund conclave in Haryana that took place between June 14 and 18.

In marathon meetings that stretched for 12 hours, the leaders of the two organisations discussed the challenges that the BJP faces for the forthcoming 2019 polls.

“The entire Opposition has been spreading a misinformation campaign that the BJP is against the Dalits, and it has removed the Atrocities Act and is going to remove reservations as well – such things need to be countered by the government.

“The other issue that was discussed was agriculture, the problems faced by the sector, and the need to ensure that farmers get some relief from the government,” said an RSS leader. The other aspects that were discussed were the state of the economy.

Coordination, or the lack of it, between BJP and its parent, RSS, was also discussed, sources said. They said that there was disapproval on the role of sanghatan mantris in two states.

The Karnataka experiment where the BJP got two of its MPs to resign and contest the MLA polls was also discussed at length. The consensus was that the move will help the BJP, and the party is planning to replicate the move in a few more seats, especially for the forthcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh.

Two days back, it had reported that the sanghatan mantris will give a report on the performance of BJP MPs and their popularity among people, and based on their report, the BJP will give them tickets. It seems sanghatan mantris will now prepare a report on the seats of the BJP MPs, and also on the 500-plus Lok Sabha seats, trying to ascertain who would be the best BJP candidate for these seats.

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