RBI announces Rs 20 denomination notes

A new series of denominations to be soon running in circulation post RBI’s announcement of the new Rs 200 notes.

“The Rs 20 note will be greenish-yellow in colour. The new banknote has a motif of (the) Ellora Caves on the reverse, depicting the country’s cultural heritage,” a statement by the RBI said.

The new notes are to be run in the M.K Gandhi (New) Series.

Different geometric patterns will align with colour scheme of the notes, on both sides of the paper being used., both at the obverse and reverse. The dimension will be 63 mm x 129 mm.

Images of Gandhi, the Ashoka Pillar emblem and electrotype (20) watermarks will be present on the right side of the Portrait of Gandhi.

RBI issued a statement wherein it mentioned all the present Rs 20 notes in circulation shall continue to remain legal even after the issue of the new notes.


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