Poonam Pandey in the Buzzlight yet again

Poonam Pandey, a soft spoken girl from Delhi had one fine day shot to fame and media notoriety when she had promised to pose nude had the Indian Mens’ Cricket team won the 2011 ICC Cricket World cup.

This stunt as followed as a successful career in modelling and as an Instagram Influencer.
The occasional appearances in Film projects made her keep a stronghold on the Indian netizens’ attention.

This time, she broke the Internet again by virtue of releasing and consequently deleting a sex video that featured her and a person that she  identified to be her boyfriend- Sam.

Facebook had recently deleted her account on account of her controversial content but that didn’t stop her from keeping her Insta page active with the raunchy photoshoots that she is famous for.

Before being deleted several other pages were able to get their hands on the video- thus this being the recent viral sensation in the modern Indian’s mind.


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