NRI in Kolkata during Durga Puja

Voice of Republic has invited a group of NRI to Kolkata during Durga Puja to experience the biggest festival of Kolkata. The Puja spirit has caught them, too. They are very excited. They are pandal hopping with a vengeance to see the world’s biggest open air exhibition of art.

Few of them are having first-hand experience of the big festival and others have spent a significant number of years in Kolkata or better say Calcutta. The tourists across the world say they have never seen anything like this before.

Our team visited 200 Puja pandals. They shortlisted 35 best Puja Pandal of Kolkata. Voice of Republic along with NRI guests awarded a trophy to these 35 pandals.

After visiting Puja pandals, enjoying the traditional music and dance, they took a break from Puja Parikrama and visited to a very unique place. The entire Kolkatans are waiting to be part of it.  Yes, it is Kolkata Gate in Rajarhat, New Town. It is yet to open for all of you. With special permission, Voice of Republic has given an amazing experience to its guests.

We with our NRI team are the first guest to visit Kolkata Gate, even before its opening. This structure is definitely going to be one of the most prominent structure of Kolkata.

Jayesh Parekh from Singapore says, “It is amazing. It is such a fantastic new structure.”

Jay Kapasi from Bagdogra is amazed by the place  ” This is an excellent experience. I never expected to see something so magnificent in Kolkata,” he said.

Mridun Jai, who has spent years in Kolkata is feeling great. He says, “Back to my city of joy. City where I used to play para football, the jalebis and Kolkata Gate is a phenomenal. I think it will be a sense of pride for entire Kolkata. It is the privilege to be the first one to visit Kolkata Gate.”

Their journey is not over, yet. There are lot more to see and experience in Kolkata, during Puja. From artsitic pandals to bright lights. From dancing on the traditional Bengali music in pandals to enjoying the Dandiya and Garba. Voice of Republic is ready to give all sorts of experience to the guests.


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