Newly Upgraded Sealdah Rajdhani Express Will Surprise You

Under the initiative ‘Operation Swarna’, Sealdah is going to get it’s first upgraded train to the capital surprising the passengers. Under this operation, several Rajdhani and Shatabdi express will be redesigned.

Each upgradation has been allocated for the train up to 50 lakhs per train.
CCTV has been installed in the coaches. 15 days data will be available on its hard disk. This special arrangement is to make sure so that any criminal act doesn’t happen. LED light has been installed to save electricity.

Un-inflammable curtains have been installed.

LED framed photographs have been placed in the coaches.

Basins have finished like marble. Besides, special machines have been installed in the bathrooms to reduce bad breath. Hot and cold water can be found for bathing there.

The pantry will be very clean. Magazine Holders Will Be on Wall. First Class Coach will have a shiny cover.

Bubai Bhattacharjee

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