Newest Couple In B-Town

The paparazzi and netizens alike have been on the edge to find out the relationship status of Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar who have been syncing their Insta pic.s these days.

It can be speculated that they indeed are dating based on the fact that they post the same Pictures on Instagram which include each other.

Upon being asked the same , Shibani Dandekar says : –
“I don’t feel anything about that at all. We are putting out what we put out. People are going to take it however they want to. Anything they have gathered is from social media handles anyway, so it’s not something uncovered’ kind of. I just post what I want to, it’s as simple there’s no strategy or trying to send out a message in any way”

Sh “I expect people to understand from the pictures. I think a picture speaks a thousand words. When I post something, it’s there for the people to see. I don’t think you need to write a caption or say something; it’s there in the picture(s). Whatever is there is what you want to take and make from it I don’t think we are going out about to hide anything or announce anything. It is what it is.”e added :-

Rumour has it that they are pretty serious about their relationship and are planning to get hitched by this year or the next.


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