Narayana Murthy comments on Indian Women In Science

Narayana Murthy comments on Indian Women In Science

Narayana Murthy comments on Indian Women In Science

“Whenever I have gone for a convocation address in any university or IITs or lots of institutions in the country, I find the percentage of gold medals that are won by women is generally much higher than by men,”

This comment came in the light of his opinion as regards making the scientific environment in India moore conducive for more and more women to come join the league in making the field of research in India reach new heights.

He opined as how it were the social parameters in play that affected this issue and not necessarily the research institutions in question.

“In our society, we have to create mechanisms whereby qualified, bright women researchers have no hindrance at all to continue their research focus,” Murthy said.

His comments were made on the occasion of the Infosys Prize. The Infosys Prize is an annual award given to scientists, researchers, engineers and social scientists by the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF)

Clarivate Analytics recently released statistics that  show only 10 Indians figure among the world’s top 4,000 highly-cited researchers (HCR). he number of women from India who feature in the list is just one. Thi, in startk contrast to the Women researchers in the US which topped the list.

At the event, he also emphasised the need for youngsters to participate in international conferences to broaden their horizons.


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