Mukul Roy to take on Mamata, Hold a Press Conference today

After Mamata Banerjee’s involvement on the Biswa Bangla Logo controversy, Mukul Roy, once Mamata Banerjee’s right hand, now emerging as a new BJP leader, to hold a press conference to take on her comment. Yesterday to hold a whisht on the disagreement between Abhishek and Mukul on the Biswa Bangla logo, Mamata said that she has designed the logo for Biswa Bangla, and let the Government use it. If the government doesn’t want to employ it, she will be the owner of it.

In this regard, BJP and the legal advisories of Mukul Roy raised the question why she is not publicizing the contract between the government and her.

Mamata further added that BiswaBangla is her dream project, and no one can tag a price on a dream. Replying this sentence, BJP is impeaching whether one can mark a trade on a dream.

Mukul may throw an attack on Mamata in today’s conference. Let’s see the water flow.

Bubai Bhattacharjee

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