Modi Makes Mockery Of Dyslexia at IIT Kharagpur’s Hackathon

Modi Makes Mockery Of Dyslexia at IIT Kharagpur’s Hackathon

Another day, another embarrassment. And this time on a world stage no less. The Indian Prime Minister seems to be following his US counterpart’s footsteps when it come to gaffes and making questionable comments.

As a student tried to propose her idea of helping out children with dyslexia at the event held in IIT Kharagpur, Narendra Modi made quips about if the app would help a 40-50 man. Evidently the jibe was directed against Rahul Gandhi.

As the student further tried to make her point – Modi continued with what would have been political suicide in any developed nation- he used an international podium to attack his opponent and that too with the use of a section of society that still stands unguarded in terms of ridicule and discrimination.

What was worse was the loud cheer and clapping from the students- the future of the Indian society – that stand testament how behaviour such as these has been normalized in today’s India.


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