Milky Way in its ‘twisted’ avatar

Astronomers from the Macquarie University in Australia and Chinese Academy Of Sciences released the first ever 3d Map of the Milky Way – the Galaxy our planet is home to. Apparently , it is accurate and shows the exact nature of the stars and cosmic bodies as they seem to twist away from the centre of the galaxy.

The Milk Way thus seems to be a ‘Twisted’ and ‘Warped’ structure that is anything but stable and flat.
The galaxy seems like a thin disk of stars from afar held together by the billions of stars and orbiting the central region every few hundred million years.
As the gravitational pull of the stars weaken out towards the edges, the stars thin out to form a ‘S’ shaped structure that is warped in geometry.

“It is notoriously difficult to determine distances from the sun to parts of the Milky Way’s outer gas disk without having a clear idea of what that disk actually looks like,”
-Xiaodian Chen, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing

The finding was published in the Nature Astronomy journal.




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