Marlena Sacked

Centre Paralysing AAP’s Education Agenda by Sacking Advisor Marlena.
It’s the latest tussle between the two governments in Delhi. On Tuesday, 17 April, the AAP government was forced to cancel the appointments of nine ministerial advisors after the Union Home Ministry said the Centre had not approved the creation of any such posts.
Deputy CM Manish Sisodia was indignant, “The target for this order is Atishi Marlena. It’s because she is key to improving the education system in the city. This is a conspiracy to derail Delhi’s education revolution.”
Marlena, who advised the Delhi government in the department of education, says she considers the marching orders given to her as a vindication of the positive work done by the AAP government in public schools.
“What can I say, whatever is there is for everyone to see. Basically, this just goes to show that the work that is happening in Delhi government schools is hitting people hard, I guess. They don’t want things to change, to transform. Aur kya hai. The work speaks for itself.”
Atishi Marlena, former advisor to the Delhi government
In the 38 months that this AAP government has been in power, the party claims that Marlena’s services have cost the treasury a total of less than 50 rupees.
AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha, who was also named in the list provided by the Union Home Ministry, termed the decision a “diversionary tactic”.



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