Mango Meter : The First Ever Feminist Film Review App.

The stage was set in Indonesia as the world’s first ever Feminist Film Review App – Mango Meter got launched.

It is supported by the German non-profit Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation’s political feminism programme in Asia, is the brain child of 6 Indonesian women  and was the result of a chance discussion on rampant sexism prevalent in films from across the planet.

Walking in the footsteps of the Bechdel test –  the first rating meter invented to judge how misogynist a film is and/or how grossly under-represented women are in popular films- Mango meter looks ahead to let users answers questions on representation, agency, sexuality, and intersectionality and thus help give ratings to the film in question.

“Film is such a powerful and influential medium, yet it is very problematic in its portrayal of women, and in perpetuating stereotypes.So we decided to create a movie rating app – like Rotten Tomatoes, but with a feminist lens – so we can spark a bigger conversation about sexism and misogyny in the movies.”
– Devi Asmarani, one of the founders.

Mango meter takes into account the criteria proposed by Bechdel Test as also other factors – especially ones that relate to women in the Eastern/South-Eastern Asian and adjoining regions. The questions of westernized standards of beauty are  explored as also how much a film depicts the marginalized sections of society.

The founders remain hopeful that such an app would give birth to more productive discussions and discourses that could lead to affirmative action to help solve issues like stalking which are normalized through western and eastern films alike.


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