‘Killer Clown’ Sheila Keen

DNA Evidence Links To 27-Year-Old Case.
Florida investigators Thursday released DNA evidence that linked a “killer clown” to a 27-year-old case. Sheila Keen Warren, 54, reportedly dressed up as a clown to kill her husband’s first wife in Washington County, Virginia.
“Sometimes justice can be delayed, but justice eventually arrives,” Dave Aronberg, state attorney for Palm Beach County, Florida, said.
Keen Warren, who was arrested in September 2017 without incident on a charge of first-degree murder with use of a firearm in the 1990, was responsible for the death of Marlene Warren, 40.
Palm Beach County prosecutors said DNA tests conducted found the hair in a car linked to the killing of Marlene. As authorities are confident they will be able to confirm Keen Warren shot Marlene, prosecutors are seeking death penalty for the suspect.
According to the court documents, Keen Warren became a suspect in Marlene’s death shortly after the killing. She was long suspected of disguising herself in a clown costume and murdering Marlene on her front doorstep in 1990.
According to reports, Keen Warren and the then husband of Marlene, Michael, were rumored to be having an affair. Witness statements said Marlene had confronted Keen Warren about the affair with her husband, according to the Sun Sentinel. However, the two denied the alleged relationship at the time. The duo later got married in 2002. They both continued to deny involvement in the murder.


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