Kerala nurse dies while treating Nipah virus patients

Kerala nurse dies while treating Nipah virus patients

Kerala nurse dies while treating Nipah virus patients

A nurse in Kerala sacrificed her life serving Nipah virus effected patiens.Lini Puthusserydied days after she was part of the team that treated the first Nipah virus victim at a government hospital in Kozhikode.

Her husbandSajeesh , who works in Bahrain, rushed back on Sunday but got to see his wife for just two minutes. Lini Puthussery died on Sunday night.

“On Sunday morning, I went to the hospital to see her. She had the oxygen mask on, so we could not speak. I could see her for two minutes. I kept my hand on her. She was conscious,” Mr Sajeesh said..

Nursing is a tough job and I am proud of my wife, he said, recalling how Lini was true to the call of duty, working tirelessly though she herself wasn’t keeping well.
“On Wednesday, she told me over the phone that she was feeling feverish. I told her to take leave. But she said no, lots of patients are there… and she went to hospital,” said Sajeesh.

In her last message, Lini had written a note to her husband, asking him to take care of their two children. The note, which has been shared widely on the social media, reached Mr Sajeesh after Lini’s death though it was handed over to his cousin a day before.
Lini had begun preparing for a permanent government nursing job to ensure stability for her family but she also spent time with her two children, aged 5 and 2. Both of them are still waiting for their mother.

“The elder one keeps asking us to connect the line to his mother. The younger one cannot speak. Both of them look around for their mother when they need to drink milk. They think she is away at work”, said Reena Anil, Lini’s cousin.

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