Jamida become the first woman Imam in India

Jamida, a-34-year-old Muslim woman, and a teacher by profession entered herself into the history by reciting a Jumu’ah Prayer yesterday. SHe is the first ever woman to do that.

Apart from leading the prayer, she also preached the congregation. The fundamentalists have threatened her death for taking the unusual path. But according to her, she believes that Quran treats men and women equally and thus a woman also has the authority to be an Imam.

she drew the attention on the malfunctioning of mosque committees which barely a single woman as its office bearer. Though she is pretty optimistic that someday this system will change. Religion will be free from the man dominion.

Amina Wadud, a US scholar led the Juma’ah prayers to became the first women in the world to venture into the act In 2005.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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