Half Century of Centuries By Virat

“Sky is the limit. He is a fabulous player and I am very happy,” Shastri made the headlines for Virat who reached another important peak of his career on Monday once again showing his class with a wow century in the Test match against Sri Lanka at Eden. Among the 18 test centuries, this is the first ever he has scored in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. He has scored 32nd centuries in the One Day Format which complete his 50 Century in just 9 years career. He has also 4 Double Centuries in his Pocket. And right now he is chasing the master blaster for the highest run scorer and the highest century scorer in the history of every format of the play, another religion of Indians, Cricket.

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly termed Kohli as a fantastic cricketer.

“It was a majestic innings by him (Kohli). He is very good as a captain. He has a long way to go,” Ganguly said.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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