Google pays tribute to Ram Mohan Roy with doodle

Google pays tribute to Ram Mohan Roy with doodle

Google pays tribute to Ram Mohan Roy with doodle

Google has paid tributes to many legends and celebrities through its doodles. and on Tuesday it dedicated its doodle to the founder of the Brahmo Samaj movement, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, on the occasion of his 246th birth anniversary. Roy has been known in Indian history for his work towards abolition of practice of Sati, wherein a widow was forced to sacrifice herself in her husband’s funeral pyre.

Known as the father of Indian renaissance, Roy believed in the existence of one supreme God, whose worship did not require any fixed place or time. He believed that the fundamental principles of Brahmoism were at the basis of every religion followed by man.

Apart from opposition to Sati practice, Raja Ram Mohan Roy also worked for abolition of prevalent social evils like polygamy, child marriage, caste system, infanticide and illiteracy.


Brahmo Sabha, a movement of reformist Bengali Brahmins, was set up by him in 1828. This aimed at fighting various social evils. He firmly believed that social reform was possible only with proper education. In 1817, he set up the Hindu College at Calcutta and later in 1822, he founded the Anglo-Hindu school.

He was a strong supporter of induction of western learning into education in India. He was also the founder of Vedanta College.

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