Dust storms hit Delhi NCR

NEW DELHI: In a sudden change in the weather, parts of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) witnessed a dust storm, reported ANI.
Visibility dropped and caused vehicles plying on the streets to come to a standstill momentarily, while pedestrians rushed to seek shelter, reported PTI.
Arrivals and departures at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport were delayed up to one hour due to the sudden weather change, reported ANI. 24 flights were diverted out of Delhi.
The Raisina Hill complex, seat of the government and the bungalow zone, was shrouded in dust, kicked up by gusty winds, followed by a light drizzle, added the agency.
The change in conditions came as temporary relief to Delhiites battling blistering heat – albeit a day later than what the Regional Meteorological Centrehad predicted.
The Centre had forecast thunderstorms and light rainfall in the capital on Thursday due to a western disturbance approaching Jammu and Kashmir and rising temperatures on Friday.
It is noteworthy that the maximum temperature has been above normal by three to four degrees for the past few days.
“This is mainly because the air is dry and there is clear sky. There has been no rainfall in the plains and hills leading to less moisture in the air,” said Kuldeep Shrivastava, director of the Regional Weather Forecasting Centre.
The maximum temperature on Tuesday was 36.2 degrees Celsius, seven degrees above normal, while the minimum was 17.1 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal.
“Till May, maximum temperature will be 1 to 1.5 degrees above normal almost all the time,” added Shrivastava.


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