Delhi’s IGI airport to get quick security check system soon

By the end of this year, you can expect an express security check at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, as the airport is planning to deploy a new automated tray return systems (ATRS) that will reduce the time taken for security checks by half. To reduce human intervention, increase efficiency and number of passengers passing through security check every hour, IGI airportis planning to deploy a new tray return systems at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Officials said the system will increase passengers flow at security checkpoints by over 40 per cent. The current system processes close to 180 passengers every hour, while the new machine has the capability of delivering a throughput of 350 passengers each hour, even going up to 500 passengers.

The system has been was successfully tested on a pilot basis at T3 last year and it is likely to be implemented in a phase manner by the end of this year.

The system allows trays to be taken through security check via automated rollers. The trays return to the starting point once passengers pick up their baggage and items.

The technology will be first deployed at the T3 domestic departure pre-embarkation security check area, T3 domestic to international transfer area, T3 domestic to domestic transfer area, T1 departures and the T1 transfers area.

Officials said the machine will have multiple reclaim positions, automated spacing and tracking of trays through RFID tags as well as CCTV cameras. The RFID tags will be attached to the exterior walls of all trays and they can be scanned by tag readers.

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