Delhi Athletes Forced to Sleep on the Train Floor

A bunch of junior athletes had to weather on their way back from Vijayawada after wrapping up the Junior National Athletics Championships.
While traveling to Delhi, they had to sleep on the train floor or next to the toilets because only two of the thirty athletes had confirmed tickets. While the seniors nudged their way on to berths, the juniors were the forced to make space on the train floor.
Discus thrower Pradip Attri took to Facebook to write: “We have undergone so much pain in the last two days. Some athletes stood for hours and did not even find a seat to rest for a while. Some slept near the toilets.”

According to a senior official of the Delhi Athletics Association, the root of this problem is that the championships were postponed from November 10 to 16. Resultantly, it led to such an embarrassing situation.

Bubai Bhattacharjee

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