Caste equation a cause of concern for BJP in Rajasthan

Caste equation a cause of concern for BJP in Rajasthan

Caste equation a cause of concern for BJP in Rajasthan

Resentment among various communities is a major cause of concern for BJP, the ruling party in Rajasthan. Over half a dozen communities namely the Rajputs, Brahmins, Vaishyas, Gurjars, Jats and Dalits seem to be unhappy with the government.


BJP’s defeat in the recent by-polls is being attributed to the ire of different communities especially Rajputs and Brahmins. The loss of these committed votes effected a sharp decline in BJP vote share to the tune of 21% in Alwar and 12 % in Ajmer as compared to 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

The defeat has added a whooping 24% in Alwar and close to 10% in Ajmer vote share in the Congress kitty.

And now with polls just a few months down the line, these communities are flexing their muscles to get a share in organisational pie, tickets, reservation and assurance.

“We will not agree for anything less than classification of the OBC quota for our community. There is BJP government in the state and at the Centre, this is the only way to earn our goodwill,” said Himmat Singh Gurjar.

The problem is further complicated with opposition leaders of these communities using the resentment to their advantage.

“BJP has not been fair to any community. It promised reservation to economically backward communities and went back on its word. The elections will see most communities vote against the BJP,” said Congress MP from Ajmer Raghu Sharma.

“Any classification of the OBC reservation will not bee tolerated by the Jats. We will oppose it all levels,” said Hanuman Beniwal, an independent MLA from Khimsar.

The BJP is seeking damage control and consolidation of its committed votes as this could affect almost 50 seats. But working out a solution that pleases all is tough job.Conferences will be organised at each Shakti Kendra. Meetings with beneficiaries of central and state government schemes.

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