Brazilian Artist Transforms Discarded Tiers Into Colorful Beds For Stray Animals

Brazilian Artist Transforms Discarded Tiers Into Colorful Beds For Stray Animals

Brazilian Artist Transforms Discarded Tiers Into Colorful Beds For Stray Animals

Did you know that an old, discarded tire could be be converted into a beautiful, comfy beds for animals? A 23 year old Brazilian has come up with an innovative idea for best out of waste to create something useful out of waste things.

Amarildo Silva, a Brazilian handyman, decided to tackle the problem of littering in a unique way. The young man helps reduce the amount of old discarded tires in the streets by recycling them into unique, comfort and colorful beds for animals.

Everything started two years ago. Amarildo came up with the idea when looking for a way to make money from the trash people dumped on the streets. He always enjoyed making handicrafts with materials that were no longer used and would be otherwise discarded.

The animal beds Amarildo makes not only help him earn money but reduce the amount of garbage as well. The idea of making animal beds came to Amarildo’s mind after noticing that the dogs in his neighborhood liked to curl up and sleep in old, used tires. He started collecting unwanted tires from city streets, parking lots, and landfills, and upcycling them into ornate and comfortable pet beds.

The man works in his backyard and has dedicated one of his rooms merely for storing old tires.

Amarildo washes, cuts and paints the tires. He loves to draw a unique design for each tire and write the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong to. He also sews printed fabric around soft cushions to create a comfortable base for the tire bed, resulting in a truly luxurious home for the stray animals of Campina Grande.

He began selling his pet beds to friends and coworkers, but word of his project spread, and he has been invited to demonstrate his work at schools and local events. Now, the artist finds himself in possession of a rapidly growing business called Cãominhas Pets, which you can follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Not only does he continue to create pet beds, but now he also transforms unwanted mounds of rubber into colorful planters for his community’s gardens. When not busy making animal beds, the handyman also makes planters.

Amarildo believes his project contributes to the well being of the planet by reducing waste and his unique way of tackling the problem serves as an inspiration to people everywhere. Stumbling upon the countless tires, Amarildo discovers the ingenious way to help the planet.

By creating something new out of it, he not only contributed to the well-being of the environment but also earned a few extra dollars in the process.



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