B-town celebs support industry friend’s clothing line

B-town celebs support industry friend’s clothing line

B-town celebs support industry friend’s clothing line

It’s nice to see when celebrities decide to support the brands of their colleagues and friends from the film industry.So B town girls ce;lebrated Women’s day wearing clothing, the brands of which are owned by their industry friends.
Rheson, the fashionable clothing line siblings Rhea and Sonam Kapoorthat targets the every girl looking to get in on the sisters’ sartorial secrets. Months later, the launch of Anushka Sharma’s fashion line, Nush followed. Both the brands have become popular names in the film fraternity and stars in a bid to support these brands are often een sporting them.

Recently a pouting Katrina Kaif sported a floral dress from Anushka’s brand Nush .Jacqueline Fernandez is a close buddy of Sonam Kapoor so, of course she’d be seen wearing Rheson – on multiple occasions no less. Here she wears the brand’s white long-sleeved shirt dress with a black vest, tan sandals, crossbody bag and sunnies with a smile.
Sonakshi Sinhawore a very casual Rheson red t-shirt with black leggings and chunky white sneakers. Low on effort and high on atheleisure, this look we love.Priyanka Chopra who is far away from Mumbai and from her industry friends make sure that she often show thenm her love. She wore a Rhesons light pink sweatshirt with the caption #GirlsWhoEat and a pout to match.
Nush also seems to be doing quite well with actresses like Vaani Kapoor giving the right airport look by pairing a black pleated Nush blouse with grey jeans, loafers and sunglasses.

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