air pollution level is much less in Kolkata than any other metro city of the country: mayor

The Environment Department Minister and The Mayor of the city Mr. Sovan Chatterjee informed that at least five automatic air pollution measuring machines are going to be installed in Kolkata and Howrah in order to reduce the pollution. Among the five machines, three will be installed in Kolkata and the rest two in Howrah. There already are two inoperative machines at the Victoria Memorial and at the Rabindra Bharati University in the city. The latest machines are going to replace them. The place to install the third one will be decided soon. Howrah will get it’s machines one at the town and the other near Bally or Belur.

The first person of the city also informed us that the state government is considering to introduce CNG in vehicles instead of using petrol and diesel. But that will involve some time.

Yesterday the minister took a hand to the reports, based on a study of air pollution by the US embassy and consulate in Delhi and Kolkata respectively, which says that Delhi is much safer a place than Kolkata. He countered, “Obviously pollution level in Delhi’s diplomatic enclave (which is covered by greenery) could be a little less than that in Park Street (one of the busiest parts in the city), but if the level is measured in the entire city, Kolkata will emerge as much better”. He further claimed that air pollution level is much less in Kolkata than any other metro city of the country.

Bubai Bhattacharjee

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