Afro-American Black feminism

Written by Senorita De
Intersectionality in social justice movement’s remain an important part of black feminism in the twenty_first century. The National Association of coloured women and the national council of Negro women were established to war against the dominance of the whites and patriarchy who enslaved coloured women for ages,witnessing the fact when civil rights movement expelled women from leadership.
The legacy of struggle, the search of voice, the interdependence of thought and action and the significance of Empowerment in day to day lives are core themes of black feminism. The Dominant group’s in order to exploit black women has developed controlling and stereotyping images by claiming black women as inferior. The period 1980’s_90’s witnessed a major growth in black feminist writer’s who let their voices to be heard in published works and in academia.In an effort to meet the needs of black women who perceived that they were being racially oppressed in the women’s movement and in the black liberation movement,the black feminist movement emerged.Two novelist Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor’s novels emphasize the strength of women especially Afro_American women and the impact of Racism on the lives of people. In Toni Morrison’s novels reflect’s exploring the Experience and roles of black women in a racist and male dominated society, she also concentrates upon the experience of black American, particularly Black women’s experience in an unjust society and seeks for Cultural Identity.
Africana Womenism is one of the current issue on 21st century which is based upon Afrocentrism,the issue is based on Experiences, Struggles, Demands of African women’s of the African Despora,leading a sharp contrast on two brand section of Feminism as The mainstream feminism concentrates on women Empowerment in patriarchal circle, Africana Womenism is a family centered race Empowerment agenda.
Black feminist Identity Politics and space’s involves Rejection of  oppressive measures taken against ones group especially in terms of political injustice.
The mainstream feminist issue on the other hand vehemently impacted middle class White elites, the period 1970’s_80’s witnessed black feminism building their blocks as groups which planted its opinion on the role of black’s in Second wave Feminism and gay liberation. Black feminist writer Patricia Hill Collins has stated ‘outsider within’ Seclusion indicated suffering of black women was created through domestic sphere,where the white elites claimed their dominance over the black’s as a result black women expressed their own experience of Marginalization and planted the seeds of black conscious Empowerment in the society. Black feminism is a process of  self conscious struggle that empower’s women and men to analyse humanistic vision of community.
Identity Politics have often implemented Race,Class, gender as isolated groups which expelled those who are not perceived as a part of dominant group.
These constructed prejudice’s  formed from race, class, gender are what feminist Crawnshaw  believed need to be applied not as a means of degradation but as a form of Empowerment and self worth.


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