Homecoming for Saifool Malik, Asia Bibi’s Lawyer

Asia Bibi , who was recently in the news for facing Blasphemy charges in Pakistan was represented by her Lawyer Saifool Malik in this case that caught international attention.

Saifool , in turn had had to flee the nation to The Netherlands for his safety and “security concerns ‘ back in 2018 soon after the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted her of the charges and hardliner group soon began their threats and violence broke out in the country.

Saifool had to return to represent his client ahead of the hearing that took place today, January 29 to decide whether to allow an appeal against Asia Bibi’s acquittal on blasphemy charges.

“I want to make it clear that I intend to permanently stay in Pakistan but there are still security concerns,”
-Saifool Malik.

He appealed to  Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide him security in view of the threats.

47 year old Bibi is in protective custody as of now. After her acquittal she was flown to Islamabad amidst tight security as the nation had erupted against the acquittal by the Supreme Court whereas the Lahore High Ciurt had upheld the Blasphemy charges brought against her in 2010.

Pakistan has witnessed a flurry of deaths in the wake of this Christian woman’s case as Punjab’s Former Governor Salman Tasseer as also Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, were both killed over supporting Bibi and supporting her case.

The controversial law was brought into effect  by former Military head of state Ziaul Haq.
Since its promulgation in the 1980s, it has kept the country divided though enjoying favour in majority.


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