A Complete Tanneries Water Treatment Solution-For Leather Industries

Contributor: MR. DEBASIS CHOWDHURI, CEO of Proviva Pharma (BS-Electrical, P.M): A multi-talented, multi-skilled and good team player in global corporate environment to align Talent Management and Business Strategy. He has more than 27 years of experience in management developing and managing healthcare education, academy, medical devices, medical software products including both the release and acceptance of these products worldwide.


Leather processing has emerged as an important economic activity. Currently the leather processing industry is going through a phase change due to global environmental regulations. It has been now well established that pre-tanning and tanning processes contribute 80–90% of the total pollution load (BOD, COD, TS, TDS, Cr, S, sludge, etc.). Further, toxic gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are also emitted. Volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and carcinogenic arylamines from post-tanning and finishing operations are also creating severe concern. Apart from this, a great deal of solid wastes like lime sludge from tannery and chrome sludge from effluent treatment plants are being generated and mostly dumped in rivers causing serious environmental concerns. Given serious health and environmental concerns, the leather processing industry is thus facing a serious challenge from the public and government. Many units are being closed by the governments.

To overcome these immediate and urgent need, Proviva Tech USA is proposing a complete solution to tannery discharges of effluent water. Our two models GTAN FIX -series provide guarantee of the performance which is not available in India.  Proviva uses Electrocoagulation produces based on 5 patents (list details are available upon request).

Proviva is guaranteeing tanning industry that after commissioning its equipment, Leather factory can measure all the water parameter daily /weekly basis. We warranty our process. These units will complement and, on some places, may be able to completely replace currently used water treatment units at leather plant. Using Proviva Technology contaminants like Chromium, and High TDS, High TSS, High BOD, High COD and other suspended materials will be reduced by 98% to 99%, Highly toxic Heavy metals in water such as arsenic, cadmium, Fe, Si, Chromium+3 & Cr+6, Lead, Nickel, and Zinc are generally reduced by 95 to 99%.  We have experience in meeting US EPA standard in USA.


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