50 Cent Under Cop Fury?

Notorious for its flawed reporting, TMZ has again surfaced wth a news piece that 50 cent was apparently asked to be shot at sight by a NYPD official.

The officer is now under investigation for having told his fellow cops to shoot the rapper on sight.

50 Cent, part of the elite  East Coast Rappers in the US is not new to controversies or violence having had survived through a shootout.

Commanding Officer Emmanuel Gonzalez, with over 30 years of service in the force behind him, was reported to comment in June 2018 during roll call in the 72nd precinct.

He is reported to say ” Shoot him on sight ” in context of the Boxing match at the precinct which was supposed to be attended by 5 Cent.

Gonzalez has a history with the rapper, following the aggravated harassment complaint that he filed against the artist for having had apparently been threatened by the latter on Instagram.

Though Gonzalez admits to have made the comment in jest, the matter was reported to higher authorities.


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