5 Ways to Fight Moths and Musty Smells in Stored Clothes

5 Ways to Fight Moths and Musty Smells in Stored Clothes

5 Ways to Fight Moths and Musty Smells in Stored Clothes

Winters have arrived and it’s time that we take out our woolens clothes to prevent ourselves from freezing winters. Like other countries, it is quite a common practice in India to store woolen clothes in a box or cupboard with nepheline or mothballs. But there’s a catch, when the next season appears, woolens start to give unpleasant odor because of the naphthalene or moth balls and if not take care of they can leave harmful effects on one’s skin and even lead to respiratory problems.

Read on to find how we can get rid of this unpleasantness in a very simple manner.

  1. Wash manually and not regularly
    Instead of putting clothes in a dryer or washing machine or using a brush to clean a sweater, you should instead was woolens with hands


  1. Exposure to sunlight
    Shake the fabric well and expose it to sunlight for a few hours or even may be for a day. The heat and the air will ensure that all the minute nepheline particles are gone and there’s no smell left in the clothes



  1. Using lime
    White woolens tend to lose their whiteness when exposed to nepheline balls or dust. Lime has enzymes in its acid, which can easily remove the stains, dust or blackness from woolen clothes. Also, it leaves a very pleasant smell thereby removing the existing bad odor.


  1. Using Natural odor repellants
    Natural odor repellants like turpentine oil, eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon sticks, clove sticks, charcoal sticks, rosemary, cedar leaves and many others easily suck the bad odor from woolen clothes and provide a natural fresh smell.



  1. Sealed Bags
    How about not using naphthalene balls at all? Yeah. Sealed bags that are abundantly available in the market at reasonable rates are capable of storing big woolen clothes. These can be used for preventing woolens from dust, moth and other bacterial particles and not just that they even maintain the clothes quality by not allowing any lint on woolens.

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