5 Best Websites to Watch Indian TV Serials

It is often troblesome to follow the clock to watch your favourite TV serials. Many times you have to delay or change your plans to watch your favourite TV shows. But, now, you can watch TV serials according to your convenience.

You can now watch Indian TV serials from anywhere at anytime online. We bring you 5 best websites to watch Indian TV serials.

Zenga TV


Zenga TV is India’s largest digital video company. Here, you can watch Live TV shows, movies, sports, TV channels, updates online for free on Zenga TV.

Yupp TV


Yupp TV is another best website to watch Indian serial online. With Yupp TV, you can access over 200 hundred TV channels. With its user friendly interface, you can select serial from multiple, categories and many more.

India Everyday TV


India Everyday TV offers you a plethora of channels online. With its most flexible user interface, you can easily access all your favuorite show in any language on any channel at anytime.

Free TV All


This website not only offers the Indian TV channels but also the channels of other countries. As the name says, it is free online platform to watch your favourite Indian TV serials. You can find various categories of serials on this platform, like, comedy, sports, drama etc.



This is one of the most popular sites for watching Indian TV series. The limitation of the site is that it offers shows that are broadcast on Star Network only. If your TV watching is limited to the serials of Star Network, then it is the best option for you.

These websites are great platform if you are looking to expand your knowledge about Indian Television. Now, you can watch any Indian TV channel on the go, if you are travelling somewhere.


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