40’s Fashion Makes A Comeback

The stage was set for yet another Fashion era to make a comeback on the runway which is the rule of fashion. This time, it seemed it was the 1940’s made-to-fit custom tailoring that is inspiring the Fashion gurus.

The board all along the Fall Winter 19-20 collections reflected a desire to go back to the Black and White era of well-fit suits, hourglass dresses, Peplum tops and peter Pan collars- a touch of the ‘Classic’ ensemble so to say.

While Dolce And Gabbana seemed to be inspire by the looks carried by Katherine Hepburn, Fendi chose to explore mink coats.
Alessandro Michele showcased the Gucci collection that had the prima donna attitude clothed in tailored suits with a punk take on it through spiked accents.

People with a taste for all things vintage would indeed be pleased by this Fashion comeback which takes you through a sojourn don the memory lane when dressing in style meant mimicking the boxy look of suits that men in power wore. High waist trousers and waist coats complete the elegant and comfortable look of that era.


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