4 Year Old Girl Sexually Molested by Teacher

The girl returned home with blood stains on her uniform and was reportedly crying. Her mother noticed her bleeding from the genital area. The girl told her mother about the assault and the parents rushed to the SSKM hospital, where doctors told the parents about the sexual assault.

A physical education teacher at the high-profile GD Birla Centre For Education in Ranikuthi allegedly lured the girl into the toilet where the sexual assault happened. Police said the incident took place on Thursday. The parents have registered an FIR with the Kolkata Police. Guardians are showing their protest in front of the school. The parents also alleged that the authorities are paying no attention to their complaint which prompted the local police to rush to the spot the control the situation.
Preliminary investigation revealed that one of the teachers allegedly lured the 4-year-old girl to the toilet and ‘physically abused her’.

The child identified the physical education teacher from a photo. The suspect was taken to the police station for examination.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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