27-year-old Jaipur woman accused of killing man she lured on Tinder

27-year-old Jaipur woman accused of killing man she lured on Tinder

27-year-old Jaipur woman accused of killing man she lured on Tinder

Murder, ATM loot, extortion

The 27-year-old college dropout allegedly got into flesh trade six years ago to make easy money and grew fond of an extravagant life. Seth has been charged with cheating, robbing an ATM and extortion in the last six years and she was arrested for murder on May 4.

Seth has been charged with allegedly killing Jaipur businessman Dushyant Sharma, 27, at her Bajaj Nagar flat on May 2. Her boyfriend, Dikshant Kamra, 20, and his friend, Lakshya Walia, 21, were also arrested for being the accomplices in the cold-blooded murder.

She swiped Sharma on Tinder, a mobile dating application, and called him to her flat where Kamra and Walia were also present on May 2. Seth and Kamra also got connected through Tinder, according to the police investigation.

The three tied Sharma with wires and Seth called his father for a ransom of Rs 10 lakh as they thought he was rich. Sharma’s profile on Tinder had a different name: Vivan Kohli of Delhi and he said his monthly income was in crores of rupees.

“Seth got friendly with him with an intention of robbing him because he appeared wealthy,” said an officer interrogating the three at Jhotwara police station, where they are in police custody until May 11.

“But when Sharma visited her, she found out that he was from Jaipur and did not have much money in his account. They thought if he was allowed to go away, he may blow the lid on them so they killed him,” the officer added.

They then dumped Sharma’s body in a suitcase in Amer.

This correspondent met Seth on March 21 when she was facing an extortion charge by a man she was in a live-in relationship for two years in Noida.

Sitting in the verandah of her rented flat in Vaishali Nagar, she showed no remorse for her involvement in flesh trade and robbing an ATM with a friend.

She, however, denied the extortion charge that Gajraj Singh Kachhawa pressed against her in January this year. Kachhawa accused her of faking a pregnancy to extort money from him.

“I loved him but he left me in the lurch. He even beat me when we lived in Noida,” she said.

Seth, the daughter of a lecturer in a government college in Pali, came to Jaipur in 2012 for a college education.

Police said she came in contact with an agent through an advertisement for a part-time job. The agent asked her to rent an apartment which he said would be used for flesh trade and assured her of good money in exchange.

In March, she denied she was into prostitution and said she had only offered her flat to the agent.

The easy money led to her dropping out of college and her parents snapped ties with her.

Police found during their investigation in the murder case that she also extorted many people.

“She would befriend wealthy people through dating platforms and escort service websites and invite them to her flat. When the men arrived, she would tear her clothes and threaten to register a rape case against them if they did not give her money,” the police officer said.

The men did not report the cases out of shame, the officer added.

The investigation, the officer said, also found that she was on drugs and splurged on expensive clothes and shoes. Her boyfriend, Kamra, sported shoes worth Rs 80,000 and a wristwatch worth Rs 45,000, the officer added.

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