234 killed, 400 injured in Yemen clashes: ICRC

Running total of Deaths from week-long clashes in the Yemeni capital Sanaa has increased to 234 people, while 400 others are injured. The tally includes at least 383 would severely. ICRC(International Committee of Red Cross Society) reported on Tuesday.
“Our ICRC teams are now doing all they can to supply hospitals with medicines, surgical materials, and fuel,” Robert Mardini, Regional Director of the ICRC’s tweet as saying.

The clashes started a week ago after Saleh’s loyalists prevented Houthis from entering a Saleh-run mosque to secure a nearby religious celebration organized by the group in Sabeen Square in central Sanaa.
The clashes then intensified and turned into street fighting after Saleh on Saturday announced disengagement of his alliance with the Houthis and declared war against them, citing allegedly “Houthi assaults on his family members.”

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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