18 needles taken out by the doctors in an operation in Kolkata

Kolkata witnessed a rare surgery in which 18 needles have been taken out from the patient, Shyamali Ghosh’s body on Sunday. This surgery was done by the doctors of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. She had been suffering from a nerve ailment for years. This led her to lose consciousness frequently. So the saline solution was prescribed to her, and for the last few days, she felt an extreme pain where the saline was being given.

So, she was taken to a local hospital where the authority referred her to the medical college and there she got admitted in the surgery department. The x-ray report revealed the incident. The was reported the existence of at least 18 needles’ in her both hands.
An immediate operation helped her. Doctors had taken out 16 needles from her right hand, and 2 from her left hand. The superintendent of the hospital has assured the success of the operation and the health of the patient.

Bubai Bhattacharjee


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